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Here you will find all of our unique culinary creations.

Lunch Menu

Hot Off the Grill

Alex’s Killer Quesadilla | $12

Herb-dusted chicken with peppers, onions, tomatoes, avocado and cheddar cheese in a whole wheat tortilla, grilled until crispy. Served with a side of jalapeño, guacamole, salsa and sour cream

Lainie’s Black Bean Quesadilla | $10

Our black bean salad grilled in a whole wheat tortilla with cheddar cheese. Served with a side of jalapeño, salsa and sour cream

Bistro Burger | $8.50

Hand-formed and seasoned lean-ground beef grilled to order with baby field greens and tomatoes. Cheese +$1.00

“Eat Your Veggies” Burger | $9.50

100% plant-based “Beyond Burger”. Dressed with sprouts, field greens, tomato, red onion, and a balsamic vinaigrette on a brioche bun. Add cheese $1.00

Sausage, Peppers and Onions | $9.50

Grilled sweet Italian sausage, with grilled peppers and onions on a long roll

Johnny’s Cheesesteak | $8.75
Thinly shaved sirloin grilled with your choice of cheese and served on a long roll. Add lettuce, tomato, or fried onions! Just ask
Portobella Mushroom Cheesesteak | $11

The vegetarian version with provolone cheese, green peppers, rosemary and garlic on a long roll

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese | $8.25

Brie, Swiss, cheddar and provolone with honey mustard on multigrain bread

Sandwiches & Wraps

“Veggie Bomber” Sandwich | $11.50

A luncheon body detox! Avocado, cucumber, sprouts, tomato, red onion, field greens and Swiss cheese with pesto mayonnaise on artisan black bread. Or make it wrap!

Empty Headed Sunday | $10.50

Our creamy chicken salad, avocado, field greens, tomato and sprouts on a toasted everything bagel. Served with chips and pickles

“Nutty” Chicken Salad Sandwich | $12.50

Our whipped all-white meat chicken salad with craisins, almonds, provolone cheese and field greens on cranberry nut bread

The “Happy Gardener” | $10.50

Brie cheese, cucumber, avocado, mixed field greens, tomato, red onion with mayo on multigrain bread

The “Turcado” Sandwich | $11

Sliced turkey, avocado, arugula, and tomato with our Asian dressing on multigrain bread

Tuna or Chicken Salad Sandwich | $8.50

Our fresh mixed solid white tuna or whipped all white meat chicken salad on  your choice of bread with field greens and tomato. Sub a large whole wheat wrap + $1.00

BLT Sandwich | $7.50

The classic on your choice of bread. Sub a large whole wheat wrap
+ $1.00

Turkey & Swiss Club Wrap | $10

Thin sliced turkey breast and Swiss cheese in a whole wheat wrap with crispy bacon, field greens and tomato with mayo

Big Healthy Salads

The Bistro Salad | $11

A bed of baby field greens topped with feta cheese, avocado, craisins, tomatoes, red onion and pine nuts with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Coconut Chicken Salad | $13.50

Grilled, diced chicken breast in a honey almond and toasted coconut batter. Grilled golden brown, then served over mixed field greens with brie cheese and sliced Granny Smith apples with a honey coconut balsamic dressing

Classic Caesar Salad | $9.50

Chopped romaine lettuce with seasoned croutons, grated fresh parmesan cheese and our house-made Caesar dressing.
Chicken +$4.00

Charred Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken | $13.50

A whole head of romaine flame-grilled for a smoky flavor with grilled, sliced chicken breast, fresh grated parmesan cheese and seasoned croutons dressed with our house-made Caesar dressing

BLT Chop Chop Salad | $12

A bed of romaine topped with chopped bacon, tomato, red onion and hard-boiled eggs with our house balsamic dressing

Stuffed Tomato & Avocado Salad | $13

Ripe avocado and tomato stuffed with chicken and tuna salads over baby field greens with our house balsamic dressing

Tuna or Chicken Salad Salad | $11.50

A generous scoop of tuna or chicken salad over a bed of baby field greens, tomatoes, onions and a hard-boiled egg with our house balsamic dressing

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